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Italian Style

Authentic Italian cuisine is more than just eating

... and You will never eat alone

What is Italian Made?

Italian Made is an online network available to the people of Australia aiming to raise awareness of traditional values amongst the continuous evolution in Italian cuisine. Italian Made recognises and promotes the talent, effort and excellence of those businesses that contribute to the beautiful and ancient “Vera Cucina Italiana” in Australia.

Through the possibility in defending authentic and traditional Italian Cuisine, products and services provided by artisans, in both Australia and Italy, can be better recognised and justified against the imitations of poor quality.

May Italian Made be your diary to a compilation of businesses, news, events and recipes whilst you discover the finest Italian based food, beverage and entertainment services throughout Australia.

Achievements of Italian Made:

For the commitment in promotion and conservation of Authentic Italian Cuisine, Italian Made is:

  • Authorised, supported and in collaboration with Ospitalità Italiana and ISNART after personally being presented to the General Director in Rome, Italy.
  • Authorised, supported and in collaboration with Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana after personally being presented to the General Director in Naples, Italy.

Aims of Italian Made:

  • To safeguard and protect traditional, authentic Italian cuisine, together with the culture of eating and Italian atmosphere, which is lively and actively present in every region and dialect of Italy.
  • To increase public knowledge of both traditional and evolving values in authentic Italian cuisine.
  • To promote businesses that provide authentic Italian Cuisine and increase public awareness on the differences between true and imitated Traditional Italian cuisine.
  • To defend and protect traditional Italian food products Organically made by reputable artisans and certified typical DOP and IGP products against poor quality imitations.
  • To promote Organically made Australian products which contribute to providing authentic Italian cuisine.
  • To encourage public understanding of authentic high quality products and their importance in traditional, regional Italian Cuisine.

Why Italian Made?

Italian Made is Australia’s only online network specialising in Italian cuisine. Italian Made aims to connect businesses with each other and most importantly to the visitors of Italian Made. Visitors and businesses alike will discover a variety of dining, product and service alternatives whether searches are based on business name, category or location.

People use the internet every day for the benefit of helping them to explore new opportunities. It may be locating imported fine Italian products, authentic Italian restaurants or good quality products from delis, pasticcerias, pizzerias, gelato, bakeries, etc. The possibilities are endless.

Italian Made provides the variety needed in one specialised yet diverse cuisine. Visitors are connected to restaurants and businesses through multiple avenues, including authentic seaside and country style recipes, that link to businesses which supply those hard-to-find ingredients. Advanced search methods allow visitors to search for specific products they require or a certain Italian cuisine they want to eat, and more.

Italian Made is informative and allows visitors to gain further interest and education into their desired restaurant or Italian cuisine expectations. The latest local and international news on Italian cuisine is continually updated and upcoming events throughout Australia involving Italian Cuisine are provided.

Italian Made acknowledges the sacrifice of those who persevere for the preservation of the Italian cuisine through the certifications of Ospitalità Italiana (Italian Hospitality - Quality Approved), Associazione Vera Pizza Napoletana (True Neapolitan Pizza) and Associazione Pizzaiuoli Napoletani (Neapolitan Pizza Chef), as well as Italian Restaurants and Businesses with Restaurants and Catering Australia Awards of Excellence and any business providing authentic and quality Italian cuisine, in particular, the use of certified DOP and IGP products.

Reasons for Italian Made

  1. Italian Made is Australia’s only food and beverage network specialised on one cuisine.
  2. Italian Made has bases in 5 international regions, including Australia, Europe, America, South America and Asia.
  3. Italian Made is an authorised network from Ospitalità Italiana and Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana.
  4. Italian Made gives priority to all businesses and selects them on the provision of good quality and authentic Italian food.
  5. Italian Made is Informative and Educative. Modern. Very user friendly. Attractive.
  6. Italian Made has no user reviews from frustrated or biased individuals and unethical competition that jeopardise businesses or mislead potential customers. Italian Made is THE review.