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Associazione Pizzaiuoli Napoletani

What is Pizzaiuoli Napoletani?


A Pizza Chef (Italian: Pizzaiolo or Neapolitan Dialect: Pizzaiuolo) specialising in Neapolitan Style pizza, which obviously originates from Naples, Italy.

Who is Associazione Pizzaiuoli Napoletani (APN)?

APN aims to pass down the art of kneading pizza to new generations thus promoting and enhancing Neapolitan Pizza and the use of local products. This will assure the continuation of an ancient tradition and also offer those wishing to learn this "art" a solid opportunity to enter the world of employment.

The Associazione Pizzaiuoli Napoletani has proud members from all over the world and has succeeded in having Neapolitan pizza recognised and protected by the European Union, through the trademark of S.T.G. Traditional Speciality Guaranteed (TSG) in cooperation with the Italian Ministry of Agricultural Policy.

Presently, APN is working hard to achieve another important goal: To have the art of Neapolitan pizza awarded with the UNESCO World Heritage status.

APN Australia is managed by Phillip Bruno (APN Australian President) from Scoozi in Ascot Vale - Melbourne, Victoria. Phillip Bruno is classified as a Master Pizzaiolo and has the authority to accredit a Pizzaiolo or a Pizzeria in Australia and New Zealand. Phillip provides training courses for the professionals and for the novice at Scoozi where his students are accredited with certificates from Naples upon completion.

APN promotes and organises noteworthy events:

  • Celebration of the recognition of the Mediterranean Diet by UNESCO in PALINURO & POLLICA, ITALY
  • Vinitaly in VERONA, ITALY
  • Football World Cup 2010 at Casa Azzurri, SOUTH AFRICA
  • Horse Fair in VERONA, ITALY
  • World Swimming Championships in ROME, ITALY
  • International Film Festival in VENICE, ITALY
  • World Fencing Championship in CATANIA, ITALY
  • World Golf Championship in SCIACCA, ITALY
  • Cibus PARMA in ITALY

- The Expo - Napoli Pizza Village

Napoli Pizza Village is the biggest and most extraordinary event in the Pizza world. All past editions have been a great success with great public participation and support, therefore contributing to the growth of the competition as an international event.

Recent editions have become a breakthrough in history as the championship is held in the heart of Naples and hosted along the most charming waterfront in the world, on Via Caracciolo. Amongst a great media presence, there is always a great amount of local and international participants that aim to distinguish the noble craft of the Pizzaiuolo.

- The Championship

Usually held in September at the Pizza Stadium on the Lungomare of Via Caracciolo, Naples, the competition categories are:


  1. STG Traditional Neapolitan Pizza - Caputo Trophy
  2. Classic pizza
  3. Deep-dish pizza
  4. Meter pizza
  5. Seasonal pizza
  6. Gluten-free pizza
  7. Junior pizza contest
  8. Freestyle contest

    • The largest pizza
    • Velocity
    • Freestyle/Single
    • Freestyle/Team

Would you like to get in contact with APN?

Associazione Pizzaiuoli Napoletani - Academy of Pizza

Address: 51 Via Michele Parise, 80143, Naples, Italy.

Phone number: +39 081 189 089 89 | +39 081 189 089 97


For all Australian enquiries, please contact Phillip Bruno (APN Australian President) at:

Phone number: 04 0877 2021


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