Sorrento Hiking - Capo di Sorrento

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Mt Vesuvius and Regina Giovanna

Mt Vesuvious rising above the track

Flora and view of the Sorrentina Coast

Oceanic arch and natural pool of Regina Giovanna

Ancient Roman ruins of Regina Giovanna

Coastal boardwalk along Cape Sorrento's turqoise Mediterranean


Distance : 6km

Duration : 3 hours - Relaxing and Easy

Elevation gain : 130m↑

Details : Sorrento > Capodimonte > Pantano > Li Simoni > Capo di Sorrento > “Bagni della Regina Giovanna” > Cape Sorrento

Difficulty : T (Touristic - Easy)

Regina Giovanna Before Regina Giovanna Today

The archaeological evidence of a glorious time in ancient history. Greet, welcome and accompany hikers from the heart of Sorrento to Cape Sorrento. Mounting and descending farms, between Priora and Massa Lubrense, comes the discovery of the humble farmer’s gesture and elegant coastal monuments. Finally, once you have arrived beyond the walled gardens amongst the tree stumps, there is a natural “film set”, which was inaugurated by an anonymous Roman landowner, who headed to Queen Giovanna, and then famously consecrated by Sophia Loren and Vittorio De Sica in the film “Pane, Amore e ...”.

Flora : Mediterranean scrub, Spanish broom, red valerian and acanthus.

Fauna : Sea gulls, migratory and sedentary birds, butterflies, insects, reptiles (lizards and harmless snakes) and small mammals.

Historical and archaeological interests : ruins of an ancient Roman summer villa.

Natural landscape interests : beautiful view of the gulf of Naples and Mt Vesuvius.

Info : Departure and return to Sorrento for a guided tour around the archaeological site of Cape Sorrento. There is ample public transportation and parking.

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