Sorrento Hiking - The Island of Capri (Tour 1)

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Marina Grande

Capri Piazzetta



Mount Tiberio & the Ancient Roman Ruins of Villa Jovis

Sentiero della Calanca

Capri - The Blue Island

Distance : 9km

Duration : 5 hours

Elevation gain : 310m↑

Details : Marina Grande > piazzetta > Tragara > Tuoro > Mount Tiberio and return.

Difficulty : E (Excursionist - Medium Difficulty)

Capri Island Capri - Natural Arch

This tour offers a different way to see Capri, without the usual touristic stops like the Blue Grotto or a shopping tour in the boutique stores. On foot you can enjoy the landscape, the colour of the sea and the various paths that other tourists will miss. This island is known as the BLUE ISLAND due to the so many shades of blue on offer, such as, the Lithodora Rosmarinifolia (Lithospermo) which is a native beautiful blue flower, the bright blue lizards which live on the Faraglioni of Capri, the famous Grotto Azzurra (English: Blue Grotto) and of course the coastal sea which surrounds Capri in various shades of magnificent blues.

Flora : Mediterranean scrub, carrob trees, myrtle, mastic tree, jupiter’s beard, lithospermo, euphorbia, red valerian, broom, asphodel, valerian, rosemary, orchids and much more.

Fauna : Birds of prey (including kestrel, peregrine falcon, buzzard, raven, sea gull), migratory and sedentary birds, various insects, butterflies, reptiles (lizards, harmless snakes) and small mammals.

Natural landscape interests : View of the Peninsula of Sorrento, the Lattari Mountains and completely over the gulf of Naples.

Historical and archaeological interests : Bourbon forts, the lighthouse of Carena Point and ancient lime kilns.

Info : The departure for Capri is from the port of Sorrento and all travel expenses are not included in the excursion. We are also able to transfer you from your accommodation to the port.

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