CIRA - Council of Italian Restaurants in Australia

Promoting Authentic Italian Cuisine in Australia

CIRA – The Council of Italian Restaurants in Australia

In 2004, twelve Italian-Australian restaurateurs met to form The Council of Italian Restaurants in Australia (CIRA). CIRA is a non-profit organisation promoting the values of Italian food and perpetuates authentic Italian cuisine in Australia. This is inclusive of cultural and educational objectives.

CIRA consults with restaurants, industry associates and friends to broaden memberships, whilst operating a cooking school and encouraging young apprentices to participate in the CIRA-ALMA Young Talent Awards.

CIRA aims to:
  1. Safeguard Italian culinary cultures.
  2. Increase public knowledge of both traditional and evolving values in authentic Italian cuisine.
  3. Encourage informed experimentation in the industry.
  4. Encourage members to strive for excellence in their respective market niches.
  5. Provide support and advice to members in relevant aspects of restaurant operation.

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