Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

An educative reality of Authentic Italian cuisine

Anthony Mangieri from Una Pizza Napoletana (, San Francisco – USA.

FAQ by Customers

The following common questions are very frequent, even for the best of Products, Businesses and Restaurants in Australia.

1. Why am I waiting so long to be served in this Pizzeria/Restaurant/Gelateria...etc?

"The popularity and demand for authentic and quality Italian food is high. These are the businesses that not only bring the passion and quality products to Australia, but also the skills and knowledge of the true Authentic, Artesian and Antique Italian Cuisine."

2. Why is this Product, Business or Restaurant so expensive?

It is not expensive; It is quality. Similar to question 1, Authentic Italian Cuisine provides customers with the highest quality, skills and experience. There are also higher production costs due to certain products used, these are associated to the use of high quality ingredients. Genuine, quality, authentic, traditional - This makes the difference.

3. Where are all the ingredients/toppings on this pizza? Why don’t they use Barbeque sauce?

True Neapolitan Pizza is limited to two types of pizza:
  1. ‘Marinara’ (tomato, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, oregano, and garlic) and
  2. ‘Margherita’ (tomato, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, mozzarella or fior di latte and basil)

Do you notice something? The above two TRADITIONAL/ORIGINAL pizza varieties have only 4 very simple ingredients - More is Less!

"Authentic pizzerias may choose to not adapt Australian/American ingredients or quantities. Authentic Pizza definately does not use as many ingredients/toppings and their style is primarily focussed on providing Authentic Italian Cuisine - Which is a very simple antique cuisine."

4. Why is this Restaurant/Pizzeria so noisy?

"Italian Cuisine encourages conviviality and the table is a moment for socialising and vibrant discussions. Besides fine dining, it is normal for Italian Restaurants and Pizzerias to be loud, active and full of energy. After all, they are Italians!"