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Farina Acqua Lievito Sale Passione

Farina Acqua Lievito Sale Passione

December 2013

The latest True Neapolitan Pizza Association book published by Malvarosa has arrived in bookstores... and what a way to end a successful 2013.

"There is perhaps no product in the world that is able to evoke such gastronomic emotions. And it is not a coincidence that Naples is the place where the five elements are best combined to make the magic alchemy of pizza possible," Carlo Petrini - President of Slow Food International, as written in the start of the preface to the book.

Thirty years after the beginning of their journey, the Association have desired to share with all of the admirers of Neapolitan pizza, the stories and secrets that underpin the art and role in which pizza plays as a leading role in the expression of tradition and creativity, as well as many delicious recipes.

Comprised of 272 pages, there are 65 tasty recipes for Neapolitan pizzas made by the masters of the Association, 300 stunning photos by Vittorio Sciosia and over 50 unpublished narratives relating to pizza and its indissoluble relationship with the city of Naples, told by Anthony Pace and Tommaso Esposito.

"Flour, water, yeast and salt have always inspired the Neapolitan passion, the result is a product that can still conquer tastes all around the world thanks to its simplicity," these are the words of President Antonio Pace, whom enclosed the spirit that guided the creation of the book.

In this book, the whole effort of the Association to protect the identity of this Italian Made excellence is expressed, a commitment born in 1984 with the rules defining that a product must comply with tradition, which led to "the True Neapolitan Pizza "being promoted and valued all over the world.

A great daily passion pushes the Association to spread not just the procedures but also the culture, wisdom and tradition of this antique profession. Becoming a part of this large family means sharing the ethic and love for this sort of art and this makes the special taste; it is an inexhaustible source of inspiration.

Farina, Acqua, Lievito, Sale, Passione (Flour Water Salt Yeast Passion)
Published by Malvarosa editions in December 2013
Valued at 26.00 Euro ($40.00 AUD)

For more information, please contact AVPN:
Telephone: +39 08 14 20 12 05