Sorrento Hiking - The Path of the Gods (Agerola - Positano)

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The Divine Amalfi Coast from the Path of the Gods

The beginning of the trail from Colle Serra

Our 5-star dining table in the place Li Cannati

An old abandoned farm along the Path

An unusual atmosphere on the Path

Praiano and the Gulf of Salerno


Distance : 6km

Duration : 3.5 hours

Elevation descent : 200m↓

Details : Bomerano > Nocelle

Difficulty : T (Touristic - Easy)

Path type : Mule tracks, ancient stone paths and dirt tracks.

Path of the Gods map Path of the Gods hiking

Among the “high” routes of the Amalfi coast, this tour travels from Agerola to Positano and is by far the most famous hike you can do. The reason for this fame (which is recognized all over the world) is the constant ups and downs, the fantastic sheer vertical drops and the cultivated lands in terraced formations. You will arrive to your final destination, which is the highlight of this hike - Punta Campanella. Punta Campanella is actually united under the sea with the stunning island of Capri. From the spectacular lookout over the west, we can see sirens of archipelagos and swirling shapes. There is much to explain here regarding the colours of the Mediterranean lands, which is known as our "Path of the Gods - Sentieri degli dei".

On the Path of the Gods you can still find people who perform ancient skills, such as, shepherds or farmers who use donkeys and mules as a means of transport. There are also signs of the ancient mining of volcanic rocks (Lapilli, which covered the mountains in 79 AD when Mount Vesuvius destroyed Pompeii). This rock is the material used in the construction of the special dome roofed houses of Positano.

Flora : Mediterranean scrub, heather, euphorbia, true myrtle, orchids and much more.

Fauna : Birds of prey (kestrel, peregrine falcon, buzzard, raven, sea gull), migratory and sedentary birds, insects, butterflies, reptiles (lizards & harmless snakes) and small mammals.

Natural landscape interests : View of the whole Sorrentina Peninsula, view of Capri and the entire Amalfi coast.

Info : Departure and return to Nocelle, passing through the village of Positano and throgh the most popular trekking route along the coast of Amalfi - the path of the gods.

*Transfers paid by participants; own transport is recommended.

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