Sorrento Hiking - Punta Campanella (Massa Lubrense)

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View of Capri Island

Marina del Cantone - Li Galli Islands

Flora and view of Capri

Blueberry plant

The Bay of the Sirens – Ieranto Bay

Mt Sant Costanzo and San Costanzo's church

Mt Sant Costanzo and view of Capri


Distance : 7km

Duration : 4 hours

Elevation (both descent and gain) : 275m↓ 450m↑

Details : Termini > Punta Campanella > Mt San Costanzo > Return

Difficulty : E (Excursionist - Medium Difficulty)

Punta Campanella map Punta Campanella

Follow the ancient pilgrim pathway that takes you as high as Mount San Costanzo and as far as PUNTA CAMPANELLA, through a landscape of ancient times, Mount San Costanzo evokes mythical foundations of ancient pilgrimages where the crops of Man are reclaimed by returning natural vegetation. It is a landscape of long lost days gone by from Benedictine vineyards and olive trees.

Flora : Mediterranean scrub, gariga, pine wood, holm oaks, downy oak, carrob trees, true myrtle, mastic tree, jupiter’s beard, lithospermo, euphorbia, Spanish broom, asphodel, red valeriana, rosemary and orchids.

Fauna : Birds of prey (kestrel, peregrine falcon, buzzard, raven, sea gull) migratory and sedentary birds, insects, reptiles(lizards & harmless snakes) and small mammals.

Historical and archaeological interests : Islamic Saracen warning and defence towers, lighthouses, archaeological remains of the Minerva or Athena temple, Ancient Oscan Language graffitied on a rocky wall and the ruined church of San Costanzo.

Natural landscape interests : View of Capri, Ieranto, 360° view from San Costanzo of the whole Amalfi and Sorrentine coasts and rocks with visible fossils.

Info : Departure and return to Termini*, passing by the village of Massa Lubrense for the most scenic view of the island of Capri.

* Transfers must be paid by participants, we recommend public transport, such as SITA Buses.

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