Regional Cuisines of Italy

Italian Regional Cuisine

Northern Italy (Mediterranean Region – Liguria)

Influenced by French, Swiss, Austrian and Slovenian, this cold but lush region has:
  • Gnocchi (potato), polenta (corn) and risotto (rice) with rich creamy and buttery sauces.
  • A paradise of cow milk based cheeses
  • A preference for beef/veal or pork.
  • Wild mushrooms, a variety of game, spices, rye, barley and even sauerkraut.

Classic Plates: croquette, pesto, bolognese, tortellini, osso bucco, baccalà, pannacotta, pannettone and tiramisù.

Central Italy (Mediterranean Regions – Tuscany and Lazio)

The use of the coastline provides some excellent seafood dishes. There is:
  • A variety of meats including pork, rabbit, lamb, game and goat as well as beef.
  • Polenta, rice, gnocchi and fresh egg based pasta
  • Pecorino and other sheep milk cheeses, freshwater fish, olives and olive oil, truffles, herbs, beans, thick tomato sauces and unsalted bread.

Classic Plates: bistecca alla Fiorentina, baccalà, spaghetti carbonara, artichokes alla Romana and porchetta.

Southern Italy (Mediterranean Regions - Campania, Basilicata, Puglia, Calabria, Sicily and Sardinia)

Influenced by ancient Arab and Greek cultures, this warm and sunny region proclaims the essentiality of olives, olive oil and tomatoes - either fresh or cooked into tomato sauce. Here you will find:
  • A variety of cheeses including goat, sheep and cow’s milk, but in particular – Ricotta and Mozzarella di Bufala.
  • Fresh and preserved fish (anchovies, sardines and tuna) and abundant seafood, dried wheat based pasta dishes with tomato salsa, meat, garlic, herbs, Capsicum, artichokes, eggplant, zucchini, capers
  • A complete variety of meats, in particular pork.
  • Gnocchi, gelato, granita, citrus fruits and nuts, prickly pears, mushrooms and even couscous.
Classic Plates: pizza napoletana, arancini, spaghetti with vongole, eggplant parmigiana and meatballs (polpette).