Sorrento Hiking - Valley of the Mills (Tour 1 - Lower trail)

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The waterfalls in the valley of the Ferriere

The river Canneto arriving in Amalfi

Ruins of the ancient Blacksmiths

Visit the ruins of ancient paper mills

The protected area of ​​the Ferriere where the rare prehistoric European Ferns grow

The passage of water within ancient moss compunds

Fresh waterfalls and veils of droplets

Valley of the Mills (Scala - Amalfi)

Distance : 5km

Duration : 3 hours

Elevation descent : 300m↓

Details : Pontone & Amalfi

Difficulty : T (Touristic - Easy)

Valley of the Mills map Valley of the Mills

The reserve occupies a deep valley located on the Amalfi side of the Sorrento Peninsula; composed mainly of limestone resting on the Upper Triassic dolomites. There are also thick pyroclastic deposits from the Somma-Vesuvius region. There are many springs that feed a permanent stream on the bottom of the valley.

In the valley, there is a beautiful river that produces spectacular waterfalls. There are still many ruins of antique paper mills that were once used for the production of Amalfitan paper using old cotton clothing. These paper mills are the oldest in Europe and among the first in the world.

This excursion starts at the Piazzetta di Pontoon (Part of the City of Scala - a small village perched on the Amalfi Coast). This Piazzetta is set on terraces full of lemon trees typical of the local area. The path is encompasses various small ascents and descents where you can admire the panorama and smell the typical scents of the Amalfi Coast. Arriving at the half-way point, here you will admire the ancient iron formwork. The last stretch of the excursion is a bit more difficult, as there are a few steep steps that are carved into the rock, but they can be managed safely.

The highlight of this excursion is the final point where the beautiful waterfalls form incredible veils and water features, lightly showering around ancient gigantic accumulations of moss and European Ferns. This sight is Heavenly Romantic.

Path type : Partial road, forest paths both rocky and uneven.

Flora : Holm oak, ash, chestnut, Mediterranean scrub and rare ferns.

Fauna : Frogs, toads, salamanders, birds of prey, dragonfly and butterfly.

Historical and archaeological interests : Cathedral of Amalfi, tower of Ziro, Church of San Eustachio and ancient aqueducts and paper mills.

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