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What is Authentic? What is Traditional?

Authentic Italian cuisine (and Traditional Italian Cuisine) is more than just eating – It’s experiencing. This experience provides people with the best quality products and a welcoming family atmosphere. Outside of Italy, the following are important factors for maintaining traditions and authenticity:

  • The use of certified DOP products

    DOP and IGP products are produced using Organically grown ingredients and made according to strict requirements of appearance, smell and taste. They are a guarantee of quality and a direct link to their Area of Origin in Italy. Please see DOP and IGP for more information.
  • High quality Organic Australian products

    Organic Australian made products are continuously increasing in both quality and variety, including wine, olive oil and produce. But only the best organic quality products must be used. Some examples include: the highest grades of olive oil, the freshest local seafood, seasonal organic vegetables, organically grown meats and prized local wines and cheese.
  • Seasonal Ingredients

    Italian cuisine is based on vegetables and produce that are currently in season. Therefore, the flavour is aromatic and complete; and this is the quality that brings Italian dishes to life.
  • International awards, certifications and qualifications

    These include Ospitalità Italiana and Vera Pizza Napoletana, or any other association concentrating on the preservation of Authentic Italian cuisine. Restaurants with these qualifications are generally obliged to use DOP and IGP products and the highest quality available ingredients.
  • Vibrant, welcoming, family atmosphere

    The Authentic Italian Experience should embrace a welcoming family atmosphere with hospitable staff, attention to detail, hygiene and often a personal greeting from the chef. Traditional and Authentic Italian includes communal eating in groups, therefore loud vibrant atmospheres are familiar, on the other hand, romantic elegancy is equally common.