Double Zero

Double Zero

Flour 00-Pizza Napoletana

This is Gold Coast's authentic and traditional Italian Pizzeria. Home of the True Neapolitan Pizza using quality ingredients.

Address: Opposite the Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre,
2/2715 Gold Coast Highway,

07 5526 8635

Type: Pizzeria
Style: Family
Fully Licensed

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All Day

Pizzeria Overview

If you are using any other type of flour than 00, it's not true Neapolitan pizza!

Double Zero features the beautiful, soft and fluffy Neapolitan style pizza, using the finest and FRESHEST INGREDIENTS and TRADITIONAL as well as contemporary ITALIAN recipes, including various STUZZICHINI and handmade pasta. Our PIZZA is cooked for 60 to 90 seconds in a blisteringly hot handmade Stefano Ferrara M 130 certified woodfired PIZZA oven to achieve a precise Vera PIZZA Napoletana.

With our unique design, warm and welcoming service, Double Zero offers a dining EXPERIENCE in true ITALIAN style. With a specially designed boutique wine list, unique beers on tap, signature cocktails and ORGANIC coffee to complement your meal, Double Zero is simply a place that cannot be missed.

Passionate about food, Czech couple Matthew and Martina saw an opportunity to make PIZZA the way it has been made in Naples, the true home of pizza! After coming to the GOLD COAST to study at university, they found little TRADITIONAL PIZZA here.

A NEAPOLITAN PIZZA base must be made from certified Double '˜00' flour, to a specific recipe, hand kneaded (rather than rolled with a pin), rested for a certain period of time. Using only SAN MARZANO DOP tomatoes grown only on the slopes of Mount Vesuvius, for topping; the PIZZA must be of specific dimensions and baked in a wood-fired domed oven at 400 degrees Celsius for no more than 90 seconds.

"Making PIZZA is a science and we're trying to craft our pizzas as they would be made in Naples; in a modern way based on Napolitana techniques. It's all about the quality of ingredients, and the attention to detail. Our Agrigenus tomatoes are already twice cooked. They're expensive but their flavor is so important. We only use accredited 00 flour, and our chef, Nicola Masci, is an accredited pizzaiolo! In fact, everyone who works in the kitchen is Italian", says owner Matthew Slivonik.

Major Awards & Certifications :
  • Vera Pizza Napoletana
  • IM Authentic



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