Gigi Pizzeria

Gigi Pizzeria

Ma tu vuliv a pizz?

Specialising in Vegan Plant-Based Neapolitan Pizza, we are a traditional and authentic Italian pizzeria in Sydney.

Address: 379 King Street,

02 9557 2224

Type: Pizzeria
Style: Family
Fully Licensed

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All Day

Pizzeria Overview

Owners and managers, Marco and Daniela Matino, opened the PIZZERIA seven years ago, with a desire to bring the freshness and clarity of flavour reminiscent of Naples to the famous street of Newtown, with TRADITIONAL Neapolitan woodfired pizza.

Gigi is one of a very few pizzerias in SYDNEY that is a proud member of the AVPN (the ‘Associazione Verace PIZZA Napoletana’ or ‘True NEAPOLITAN PIZZA Association’) and adheres to its incredibly specific regulations, including hand-stretched dough, traditionally topped, and wood-fired pizza, Napoli style.

According to Marco, the tradition of the Neapolitan WOOD FIRED PIZZA “is an art form which will always be relevant no matter how times change". Marco has created a new Plant-Based menu to align with Gigi's ethics, whilst staying true to the TRADITIONAL NEAPOLITAN PIZZA by using fresh, quality local produce, combined with key ingredients imported from Italy, as specified by the AVPN, to create a perfect AUTHENTIC Neapolitan pizza.

In Newtown, one of Sydney’s most diverse & vibrant suburbs, you will find this little vibrant corner of Naples FOOD culture. For seven years Gigi PIZZERIA has been getting it right and this has been rewarded not only with a loyal clientele, but with its PIZZA featured in good FOOD guides around the city of Sydney.

At our PIZZERIA we are proud to carry on the tradition of this beautiful ITALIAN dish to SYDNEY with origins dating back to the streets of 16th Century Naples.

PIZZA has always been a dish for the whole community to enjoy. With flavours amplified by its simplicity, PIZZA is tasty, nutritious and light both in your belly and on your pocket.

Major Awards & Certifications :
  • Vera Pizza Napoletana
  • IM Authentic


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