Pizza Pomodoro

Pizza Pomodoro

Authentic Neapolitan Pizza

Authentic Italian Pizzeria in the heart of Wellington, Te Aro, New Zealand. The best pizza - Vera Pizza Napoletana.

Address: Hannahs Warehouse,
13 Leeds Street, Te Aro,


Type: Pizzeria
Style: Moderno

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All Day

Pizzeria Overview

PIZZA Pomodoro is one of only two AUTHENTIC ITALIAN Pizzerias in New Zealand certified by the Associazione Verace PIZZA Napoletana (AVPN). PIZZA Pomodoro from WELLINGTON (Te Aro) uses only the freshest and TRADITIONAL DOP imported ingredients and local produce and creates pizzas that are HAND MADE without the use of premixes - In accorDANCE to the strict rules and regulations of the AVPN - The True NEAPOLITAN PIZZA Association.

Massimo Tolve is the PIZZA chef at PIZZA Pomodoro. Both he and TRADITIONAL PIZZA have one thing in common - They are from Naples where PIZZA is a form of art and artists like Massimo proudly offer the TRADITIONAL and AUTHENTIC culture of WOODFIRE PIZZA through a selection of great pizzas, cooked with the freshest ingredients, on HOMEMADE PIZZA dough and baked the TRADITIONAL way in a 400 degree imported state of the art woodfired PIZZA oven, direct from Italy. Massimo flavours his pizzas in an oven filled and fired by New Zealand Manuka wood, giving their pizzas a unique woodfired scent not to be missed out on.

PIZZA Pomodoro caters mainly for TAKEAWAY and delivery, but there are a couple of tables that can cater up to 8 people. PIZZA Pomodoro serves TRADITIONAL PIZZA only in boxes and no forks and knives are available.

Located next door to PIZZA Pomodoro is Golding's Free Dive, a specialist craft beer BAR that serves AUTHENTIC PIZZA Napoletana from PIZZA Pomodoro. Golding's brings together the textures, feel and energy of this central city neighbourhood environment.

Apart from the classic PIZZA Napoletana, PIZZA Pomodoro takes pride in creating and producing unique and original creations which have been named accordingly.

PIZZA Pomodoro is a FAMILY run PIZZERIA and has been producing Vera PIZZA Napoletana in New Zealand since September 2000. PIZZA Pomodoro is not affiliated with any other PIZZERIA in WELLINGTON or New Zealand.

Major Awards & Certifications :
  • Vera Pizza Napoletana
  • IM Authentic


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